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Types Of Pollution


These days the main threat to human life is not world war 3 it is the pollution. Because there are rare chances of war but there are huge chances of the destruction of human beings through pollution. Because of the way pollution is taking over on world environment we will see its disastrous results in the future.


Any undesirable change in the environment is called pollution which can cause harmful effects on human lives. So how it introduces in our environment the reason behind that in somehow is human beings its self. Whenever we make a change in nature or develop a new innovation it has its positive aspects but along with that, it has its negative effects as well.

When human being went toward industrialization they took many decisions which look fruitful at that time but have many bad effects on earth environment afterward in the future. We cut trees and build factories at those places which release bad toxic smoke which increases pollution. Then those trees which reduce pollution were not there to reduce it. so it starts affecting human lives.

There are many types of pollution some of which we are going to discuss in this article.

Types of pollution:

Air pollution:

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution which surrounds our environment like never before.  The main cause of this pollution is smoke from vehicles and industries which gave us a different type of diseases related to air pollution. Many companies are producing air purifier to reduce air pollution in different categories like vollara air purifier which help you to clean your air from pollutant particles. This can lead you to different diseases. So what is pollution that’s a big question for us? You can visit my website for more information

Water pollution:

Water pollution is more common in developing companies. Because the main source of this pollution is an industrial waste. They through into waters which are after the word used in drinking processes in homes. Many deadly diseases are accrued to human beings due to the use of this polluted water and they can die as well. Water is an essential component of our body and helps our body organs to perform their operations. The average person consumes 2 liters of water on a daily basis so it can harm you badly.

Soil Pollution:

Then there is a pollution type which is soil pollution it will not affect human life directly but it will affect human lifestyle somehow. In this type, it reduces the production level of soil or makes it unproductive that you can not grow anything over that soil. This is caused by the waste of industry which makes soils unproductive which can reduce the crop productivity of a country.

Noise pollution:

Then there is another type of pollution which is noise pollution many of us did not consider it as major types of pollution but it is affecting human lives as other pollutions are affecting.

So it is highly recommended to government level to take several actions to reduce all types of pollutions so we can live in this world easily.