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Review of the Honda Sport Touring


The Honda CB125R boasts of LED lights for all lighting requirements as well as a neo sport cafe design. It is unarguably an appropriate bile for first time users making it the bile of choice for those purchasing their first bike. Apart from guaranteeing an easy riding experience, it has a turning radius of 2.3 meters and offers great engine performance to boot. New bike riders should prepare themselves for a good time, as the Honda CB125R is the bike of their choice and offers everything they desire.

The CB125R adopts a minimalist and is a part of the new family of sports cafe bikes. The weight of the Honda CB125R is 125.8 kg, which is inclusive of the bike along with lubricants and fluids. You can easily navigate this bike through traffic because of its light frame. You will undoubtedly appreciate that you purchased this model as your first motorcycle, once you gain experience in using it. Nobody prefers riding over rough terrain that could ruin their riding experience, but it is unavoidable.

The CB125R is capable of holding up to different weather conditions. You can use it to ride easily on extremely damaged roads, cobbled streets, and on roads made slippery because. This bike has the feel and look of a larger bike and is easy to control, making it the prime choice for new riders. Additionally, it is quite comfortable and is stable too on high speed highways. The bike boasts of all the elements needed to help you boost your confidence levels when riding with other bikers. If you are interested in knowing about motorcycles comparable to the CB125R, look no further than the CB300R, which too has similar features. The bike is pocket friendly, particularly if you compare it with other bikes in the same class.

Specifications of the Honda CB125R

The Honda CB125R has the capacity to hold 1.4 qts of oil as well as has a 2.7 gallon fuel tank. Here are some additional facts regarding the CB125R:
¬タᄁ Covers 57 miles per gallon of fuel
¬タᄁ Its top speed is 80 mph
¬タᄁ Height of the seating area is 816 mm
¬タᄁ Solid front and rear suspension

What do you get along with the Honda CB125R?
You get a six speed transmission, a liquid cooled dual valve single cylinder engine, and an inner pivot diamond frame. It boasts of an electric starter, LED taillights and headlights, and LCD control panel. Its 13 horsepower engine (9.8 kW at 10,000 rpms) sits atop the 5.5″ ground clearance of the bike. The maximum torque is 10 Nm @ 8,000 rpms. Check Motoden for additional information or reread this review of the Honda Sport Touring.