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How Military Vets Choose a College


As a member of the honorable, Armed Forces, you served your tour of duty. Now, you are a Veteran ready to further your educational pursuits. Finding either an online or brick & mortar university for past military personnel requires calculated planning. When you begin your search, take advantage of all your well-earned opportunities. Speak with any Veteran Admissions Advisors at every school on your list of possibilities.

Ask Questions before Enrolling in College Classes

Whether in person or by telephone (for online colleges), connecting with the Veteran Affairs Coordinator at a prospective college is the most efficient way to get several of your military-related inquiries answered. During this meeting, similar to an interview, there are several topical questions to ask during this discussion. Understand the transfer credit procedures in regards to CLEP and DSST exams, along with military experience is of crucial importance. You and your counselor can locate this information on your transcripts, titled JST. It is wise to take advantage of all your previously earned knowledge to go towards your desired, future degree.

Schools Ability to Offer a Variety of Financial Aid

In regards to additional financial aid (besides the GI Bill) check out the funding available for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Finding out about all the various types of grants for vets will keep your overall costs down. Remember, your school budget must include books, lab fees etc. and the prices quickly increase. One of your overall priorities is to discover every available tuition assistance resource. A knowledgeable advisor has these answers or will find them for you.

In-depth Guideline for Educational Transitions

For further in depth information, the Student Veterans of America (SVA) has a Military to College resource, published pamphlet. If you are not familiar with the SVA, this is an advocacy organization located on approximately 1,500 (and growing) campuses.. As a non-profit, student led group, their goal of connecting veterans with their ease of transitioning into their educational goals from military life.

Availability of Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Providing a sense of a welcoming, civilian community is the primary goal of a SVA group. Find out from your military counselor, if your college of choice has a campus SVA group to join. Besides fostering a network of support, the SVA offers scholarship opportunities. Plus, you should look into their list of current openings for more aid in paying for your college courses.

Ease and Assistance for Application Acceptance Processes

Another exceptional resource (in addition to Veterans Admissions Advisors) is the Service to School (S2S), similar to the SVA, this group of non-profit volunteers (ambassadors) assist in the application process through their resourceful, networking skills to get you into top notch colleges. Focusing on verified accountability is their motto. Directed at test prep, reviewing transcripts, essay submissions, interviews and more.

Before making a final decision, it is highly advisable to take the time to write out your own list of questions. Due to the fact that each individual needs vary, each situation is unique. Remember, this is your future. Taking the time to carefully review and screen various offerings at institutes of higher learning will pay off in your new future and career opportunities.