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Choose your farming sector


Food consumption around the world is increasing. To meet with the increasing food consumption trend in the world people start preparing animals which are used as a food item in farms. They put the number of animal in their farms and use their meat as a food item and sell it in markets. These animals provide other products as well which is used as food items other than their meat.

In chicken farms they will also provide chicken eggs in the market they will not only deal in chicken meat. Then in dairy farms, they provide milk of their animals in the market along with their meat. So to fulfill the food requirements farming is playing a vital role in it.

Poultry Farming:

Poultry farming is basically the process in which we rising domestic birds such as chicken, duck, turkeys, etc. for the purpose of farming meat and eggs for food. Chicken poultry farming is greater in numbers than any other poultry farming. There are several reasons behind that which we will discuss in another article. More than 50 billion chicken is raised in these farms annually. Which is used as the source of food in the shape of eggs and meat?

There are two types of chicken categories which are raised in these farms one is called layers. The chicken which is called layers is raised for eggs. The second type of chicken which is raised in these farms is called broilers. This chicken is raised for the purpose of meat and it did not have the ability to lay eggs.

Poultry Farming type:

As there are categories in chicken that which is used for eggs and which one is used for meat. The same way there are categories in poultry farming sectors. Which have different process and operations to deal with their day to day operations?

Meat production:

The meat production farmers are most protective ones and have a controlled environment. They used a different kind of medicines to make the meat of chicken pure from all kind of diseases. Then they use different kind of feeds which will help their chicken to grow faster and get it ready for market in just a few months. Because these birds are taking different kind of feed that’s why they need extra care and special growing environment. Which they can not avail in any other farming sector.

Hatchery farms:

Then there is another form of farming which is called Hatchery. Technology makes so much advancement in our lives that the things which seem impossible in the past look very easy these days. Hatchery farming is basically used to hatch eggs of fish and poultry in an artificial way. You do not have to go throw the natural process now to hatch eggs of different birds and animals. It will be hatched by artificially way in a very controlled environment.

So there is the number of other farming sectors in the poultry industry which have different nature an operations from one and other. So if you want to start a poultry farming business first decide which sector you want to choose in the start.