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What kind of jobs opportunities are created during elections?


With unemployment on the rise, the government is finding new ways to increase job opportunities every year. Elections are one of the busiest times in the country, and a lot of new and different jobs are made available during this time. As election cycles get longer and longer, job opportunities increase for those interested in a career in the political arena. Elections can be stressful and severely time-consuming, but job opportunities massively increase during this period.

Kinds of Job Opportunities Created During Elections

There are different jobs in politics beyond working on a campaign, some of them were working on legislation, public relations, campaign managers, so on and so forth.jobs are available at local, state and national levels, and the salaries vary according to the type of job or who you work for.

People are appointed as communications coordinators for candidates, legislators and organizations that involved in the political process. The job basically goes around managing most of the political and legislative communications, writing press releases and newsletters, media relations, campaign and event communications, social media and finally implementing communication strategies.

Then there are jobs where people measure the effectiveness of a campaign and what the voters think about candidates and issues. The people doing this job are called political pollsters. The job is all about data collection in a diversified manner and then evaluating, statistically analyzing and organizing the data. The presented data has to be comprehensive and to the point. Pollsters can either work directly for a candidate or legislator or work on a freelance or consulting basis.

The job of a campaign manager is considered to be the big shot on the campaign trail, whether it is working for a small local candidate or on a presidential campaign. What they do is organize and oversee all the details involved in managing a successful campaign. On a broader spectrum, they plan, develop and implement a political campaign. Their responsibilities include everything from hiring and managing staff to budgeting, logistics, to getting out the vote.

All levels of politicians, whether on a local or national scale need help with planning strategy, voter outreach and other aspects of running a campaign are also integral elements. This is where the job of a political consultant comes in handy. This job title covers various roles, depending on the consultants set of skills and areas of expertise. One needs to have the right experience to land a consulting gig, so many starts out with working on a campaign for a legislator.

On the day of the election, a lot is going on, and people are required to manage and take control of the whole process of voting. This gives rise to specific job opportunities which are seasonal but essential to the process. Poll worker jobs can be classified into a few sub-divisions, in order of who will manage which part of the process of voting on the Election Day.

There is the position of an inspector who goes to the facility before the Election Day and sets up a plan for how the voters will get into the facility on election morning. They are the person in charge of the assigned polling site and of picking up the polling place supplies the Monday before Election day and keep them safe and secure in their possession, and returning all election materials to the assigned receiving center on election night with reliable and private transportation.

An electronic voting specialist (EVS) essentially helps set up the electronic voting equipment on the morning of the election. They have to be ready for the first voter at 7 am and assist voters to use the machine throughout the day. After the polls close their job is to close out and pack up the equipment.  They are assisted by clerks who help set up before the polls open and pack up after the polls close.

There is a position of survey specialist as well in political survey companies which basically conducts the surveys for various political parties.