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What Is ibi Photo Storage?


Sharing photos with a group of people while keeping those photos and members private can be challenging with many of today’s social media apps. Everyone from potential employers to hackers routinely search through social media photos for more information about you, so the ability to keep private information private has become the Holy Grail of the digital age.

Just when we needed it, a photo storage and sharing device called ibi made by sandisk was invented. This device solves multiple problems at once by becoming a repository for photos across multiple devices, accounts, and computers, saving them in a secure location so you can find them when you need them. With almost 2 terabytes of data storage, you likely won’t need to delete photos or videos to make room for more memories or to avoid overage or subscription fees charged by “free” cloud storage sites.

The photo-sharing software gives you the freedom to choose how to share your photos. When you’re linked to social media accounts, you can seamlessly share on popular sites with your network, or you can share privately through the Sandisk app, which has chat and collaborative features that keep your information and photos secure and private.

When do you need the services ibi provides?

  • When your phone falls into the ocean during your Caribbean vacation.
  • After an office birthday party or event where you want to privately share multiple photos with people who might not be connected to you on social media.
  • When you’re appointed family genealogist, digitizing vintage photos to be used independently of a fee-based ancestry site and you aren’t connected to distant relatives on social media sites.
  • When you’ve taken pictures from multiple devices including your phone, tablet, or a digital camera, and you need to find an exact photo quickly.
  • When your phone’s photo storage is full, and you are nearing the data limit on your cloud-based photo storage.
  • When you wish you had saved a photo that someone else had posted on social media.
  • You need a hassle-free system where other others can easily add their photos to your album.
  • You run a home-based business selling items online and need a reliable place to store product photos without the fear of exceeding subscription data limits.

How it works

After purchasing your 2 terabyte device (that’s the equivalent of almost 250 gigabytes, minus a small amount for the operating system), you can plug it into the wall and then install an app on your smartphone. After creating an account and pairing the devices, you can perform a range of tasks, including importing photos from social media accounts or other devices and drives.

You have multiple avenues for photo sharing. You can choose to share photos on social media accounts, you can share photos with other ibi Sandisk-account holders, or you can simply email a link to a private album, and that person can access the photos or videos in the designated folder without having to create a login. The ibi device can be set to automatically update content from various locations, which means people you have linked to various albums also get updates. You never have to lift a finger.

We all know we should back up our files, but automatic backup systems constantly break down, sometimes because of an operating system update or a password change that doesn’t flow through. Many people don’t take the time to fix these small glitches until we’re staring down wistfully at a shattered, unresponsive phone that contains photos we never wanted to lose. Don’t leave those important moments to chance. You get easily get organized and connected all while protecting privacy for yourself as well as your family and friends.