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Tips for successful AdWords Marketing


Even if a business has smaller localized customer focus, or a national one, majority of customers look for it online these days. Thus, it becomes important to effectively market the business online. To increase your profitability, income and sales, you have to make sure online marketing is done effectively and properly and AdWords marketing is just the right thing if done correctly.

AdWords marketing is among the most cost effective and powerful technique to ensure explosive growth and boost sales for small businesses. It helps driving maximum customer traffic and leads to businesses which definitely helps in increasing topline as well as bottom line. However, most small businesses aren’t aware with correct AdWords marketing tips and techniques. Following tips will be helpful to get started with things:

  1. Keyword Lists: If you do not begin with minimum 350 to 500 keywords for your advertising campaign (and it does not matter to which market your business belongs to), there is a surety that you may miss some profitmaking keywords.
  • Try to use tools Google keyword planner tool or third party software like the Market Samurai for your keyword research. If you begin with the “root” term (general term used for describing product or market), there will be a chance to discover abundant associated words, related and relevant terms, topics and subjects.
  • Remember to use plural version of existing keywords for AdWords marketing campaign. Pro Tip: People looking casually for information online will use singular as well as plural forms.
  • One must get broad with keywords list and then go with long tail keywords. To be honest, 80% of the converting traffic will come from 20% of the keywords. So those must be tested, tracked and then start with the elimination of keywords that aren’t converting. The main objective is to recognize “money keywords” that will help to scale up AdWords marketing campaign.
  1. Wrong keywords: A lot of internet marketers who are inexperienced make this mistake a lot. The big word in SEM is TRAFFIC. It is the amount or number of visitors reaching the website. In reality, what actually matters is targeted buyers or customers. Quantity of the traffic matters is immaterial when compared to quality.

Simply don’t focus on broad keywords which leads to spending more money on traffic that is useless and will never be interested in your service or product. Rather for a successful AdWords marketing, focus on what the buyers are looking for. Begin with keywords that are broad for testing, but don’t start optimization of advertisement or the landing pages that are for broad searches.

Google shows most related and relevant words to search terms you searched for at that time. Clicking on those terms will show next step or most related and relevant terms. This way it will become easy to know which keywords are most relevant for the topic and one will have an idea what people actually type and look for.

  1. Writing appropriate and relevant Ads – There is another essential rule for successful AdWords marketing and that is “relevancy”. Keywords, webpage, ads shown to customers must be relevant to one another completely.

Number of visitors clicking on ads, amount that is to be paid for advertising and the way ads are placed by search engine depends completely on relevancy and quality score.

There is a limited space that is used for showing ads and thus, your ad needs to be relevant, compelling and interesting. Below are few tips for it:

  • Ensure including keyword in display URL and title.
  • A headline must make some promise or ask any question.
  • In first line, show or prove a benefit.
  • In second line, consider calling an action.
  • Put forward slash in displayed URL.

There are a lot of people who do not go through AdWords marketing ads and only skim it. Avoid writing ads that appear like a statement or a sentence. It’s better to write down more than one ad for one adgroup and change a word or a headline amongst those ads to test things. Check your conversion rate every day and try to replace ads performing low with better and new ones.