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Three Helpful Tips for Bar Owners


Owning and operating a local bar or a restaurant may be a wonderful business endeavor for an entrepreneur. Often, a local pub is a fantastic location for community members to come together and enjoy each other’s time over a cold drink. However, while opening a bar may be exciting, there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring that the tavern operates smoothly and is a safe environment for employees and guests. Here are three tips for a business owner to think about to help the restaurant run efficiently – and to make sure that the establishment is secure.

1. Provide Training for Bartenders Regarding Alcohol

It is vital that bartenders and servers are knowledgeable about the amount of alcohol that can be given to a guest. Some states have regulations about over-serving a patron who appears to be intoxicated. These regulations, called “Dram Shop Laws,” may hold the saloon or restaurant liable for any accidents or injuries that are caused by an individual who was served an excessive amount of liquor. Therefore, it’s imperative for employees to have proper training about how many drinks they can serve, as well as being able to recognize the signs of intoxication. It may be beneficial for a business owner to provide bartending courses to workers or require such courses prior to employment. (And be sure that the business has the proper certification to serve alcohol in the first place, such as having an up-to-date Texas alcohol permit, for instance.)

2. Hire Security Guards

Security guards may assist with keeping an eye on anyone who might have had a bit too much to drink. Bouncers can also check the identification of individuals who enter the saloon, confirming that everyone at the establishment is of legal age to consume alcohol.

3. Encourage Open Communication Among Employees and Management

Encouraging guests and employees to communicate with managers and the bar owner is critical. While most visitors are simply headed to a tavern for a nice night out, some may intend to cause trouble. Open communication with everyone at the lounge can help to keep patrons and employees safe, ensuring a good night for everyone in attendance.