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The Most Helpful Services After a Disaster


After a disaster like hurricanes, tornados or fires, many people are left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. It can be difficult to even find a drink of water, much less shoes or food. They may be wet, dirty, bloody or cold. Luckily, there are good people in the world who have figured out some of the most helpful ways to provide a little relief.


One of the most basic things we for granted is the ability to bathe or shower. That is unless your home has been obliterated. Disaster relief showers can be a blessing to those who are covered in soot or worse. Many of them come with bags of shampoo, soap and other personal hygiene items donated by companies or individuals. It’s incredible what a difference being clean can make in a person’s outlook.


Another dilemma for people who have been displaced by disaster is how to do laundry. There is only so long you can wear the same clothes, even if you were able to save a few outfits. Loads of Hope provides trailers that take mobile laundry equipment to those who would otherwise have no way to wash and dry their clothes. Terrible circumstances like Hurricane Katrina brought forth some of the best in people that found ways to help in some of the most everyday ways.


For many people, food is love. We show love for family by cooking them meals that they enjoy and are nutritious. Chef Jose Andres shows his love of people with World Central Kitchen, his non-profit that feeds people all over the world who are starving or who are victims or rescue workers in a disaster zone. With no regard for their own safety, he and his team get on a plane to go where people need comfort the most.