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The Beauty of a Green Flower Girl Dress


Green is often considered to be one of the most soothing and natural of all colors, but it can also be quite vibrant too. After all it can be found in shades of bright kiwi green, subtle sage green, and even in dark hunter green. It is actually a common color in the garments of bridal parties, and many brides will opt for green flower girl dresses too.

While many people think that a flower girl’s little gown is supposed to be the mirror image of the bride’s dress, times have changed and it is just as acceptable to dress the girl in an extremely unique ensemble of her own. Many brides will coordinate the color and cut of the girl’s garments to the other females in the bridal party, and often the color or hue of the flower girl’s dress appears elsewhere in the party too.

For example, a green flower girl dress might be a more whimsical or youthful shade to match the softer sage green of the bridesmaids dresses. Alternately, a green flower girl dress might have a remarkably pale hue as the base with a sash or beribboned hemline matching the green appearing in the groomsmen’s garments too.

There is something to consider before selecting even the loveliest green girl dress, and that is the complexion of the child who will wear it. Not everyone can pull off all shades of green, and even if the dress is the perfect opportunity to complete the bride’s fashion statement or style, it will not have good results if it clashes with the child’s hair or skin color. This is one of the main reasons to either take the child along on wedding dress shopping trips or to always request swatches of fabric before ordering clothes.

If a child cannot wear an entire garment in a shade of green it is a good idea to instead seek out a traditional white or ivory dress and choose green accents instead. For example, there are many organza overlays with delicate and pale green embroidery and matching silk sashes. Almost any complexion could wear this amount of a single color.

Alternately, a simple dress with a bold sash accented with silk flowers or rhinestones would work well with almost any complexion as well. In fact, this is often a way to give a girl an opportunity to wear a dress for other occasions simply by removing the sash or replacing it with another in a different hue.