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Reasons You May Need a Notary


There are instances in life that may require further validation. In these cases, a notary public may be able to provide the service requested. For those learning how to become a notary in Florida and other states, the skills and services being taught are varied and valuable. Take a look at the type of situations that may require the use of a notary public, so you are prepared well in advance.

You Own a Business and Need a Contract Signed

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibility. Engaging the services of vendors and even employees may require the creation and execution of contracts. These are documents that detail agreements and obligations between the parties. For instance, if a vendor is to deliver 100 units to your store every 30 days in exchange for $1,000, the exact details of this exchange will be documented in the contract. If one side or the other fails to perform, there are penalties the slighted signor can take to recover damages. This is where a notary comes in to play. For the original terms of the contract to be upheld in court, the document should be executed in the presence of a notary and bear a stamp stating this. Without that, the contract may not be as ironclad as you believed.

You Buy a House

A notary fulfills many roles. The most important function is to verify someone’s identity when they sign a document. As in the example above, when a notary affixes their stamp and seal to a document, it becomes legally binding, and a breach of either side may be presented before a court to enforce. Another time you want a notary is when executing documents to buy a house. Mortgage documents secure the financing you need to obtain it. None of this can be done without the help of a notary attesting to the authenticity of the signatories involved.

There are many other instances when you may benefit from the services of a notary. If you aren’t sure, check into the profession further.