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The newest news is  Age or perhaps the Aquarian Age group and Planet Government

It really is generally believed the Aquarian Age started in the yr 2000, 2160 decades roughly being the age of a Signal. The Piscean age group started with around 2 hundred BCE (Just before Common Time). Why don’t we study the particular symbolisms with the Piscean as well as the Aquarian Age groups. As the particular Earth’s precession will be 72 diplomas per diploma, 2160 years can be an Age Routine. 25920 decades (12*2160) can be a Precessional Cycle or even a Great Plato Yr or a great Aeon.

Pisces signifies Fishes and also Jesus has been the Redeemer with the Piscean Age group. The Piscean Age group emphasised Trust. The a couple of fishes regarding Pisces reveal Dualism and during this time period, the discord between Religious beliefs and Research intensified since Science increased against impaired Faith. The belief in a external The almighty was turned down by Research. Aquarius will be ruled simply by two planets in Astrology : Uranus and also Saturn. Uranus symbolizes Independence and also Saturn General Humanism. Humanism postulates in which no dogma or perhaps political doctrine will save you; only it is possible to save oneself. If you save, you help save society, you save the world and the earth Earth! Put simply, Universal Humanism could be the hallmark with the Aquarian Age group.

The astrologic scholar Jeff Jawer remarks the Aquarian Age have not arrived inside his write-up ” Around the Cusp among Pisces and also Aquarius. ” The initial Venus Transit took place in 2004 as well as the next a single wlll take 2012. These 8 years will probably be like the particular Dark Night of the Heart and soul, a chaotic period of purgatorial suffering because the Planet Earth undergoes a dim phase.

Medical professional Jose Arguelles, the scholar who brought the thought of Harmonic Convergence, also thinks the enlightening Age group of Aquarius can dawn about 2012. The particular famous track on Aquarian Age group states hence

When the particular moon is at the Seventh House

And also Jupiter aligns together with Mars
Next peace can guide the particular planets

And also love can steer the particular stars!

Here is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius

All freethinkers are anxious about the Fresh Aquarian Age group where Intelligence will flower and importance will probably be on Do it yourself development, Do it yourself Transformation, Do it yourself Realisation and also Self Actualisation. Gone will be the days regarding dogma and also Blind Trust. Personal transformation will result in Planetary Alteration!

Dante, Bernard Shaw and also Alice Bailey acquired highlighted inside their writings a World Government could be the only treatment for achieve long lasting World Peacefulness. Mahesh Yogi inaugurated the entire world Government inside 1975 inside Seelisberg, Switzerland (inches In a reaction to the call of energy, a international organisation continues to be structured, the particular non-political, the non- faith based World Government which includes the information and expertise to generate an best society”). Create Bailey, the particular husband regarding Alice Bailey, said in which ” Totally free Masonry could be the descendent of your United Planet Religion, any divinely imparted Religious beliefs. Then emerged separativeness and also religions. Now we have been striving to get a United Planet Order” Gleam move to make a World Currency markets and to regulate all governments on earth. The footings behind the Us are non secular. The International Oneness Movements is getting momentum plus a Council regarding Global Governance continues to be constituted together with Maurice Strong because the President.

Dr Wilhmhurst observed the dawning with the Aquarian Age because the fulfillment with the Plan and also said in which Free Masonry will be the vehicle to the fulfillment. Wise people mention that the newest Age Movement could be the Universal Religious beliefs which L G Bore holes predicted would 1 day take above mankind.

The hand with the Mysteries governed the institution of the usa Government as well as the signature with the Mysteries may nevertheless be seen around the Great Seal with the Usa. The Close up discloses quite a few Masonic emblems, chiefly between them the particular American Novelty helmet, which can be a conventionalized phoenix, az. The You S Substantial Court The law Felix Frankfurter mentioned ” The true rulers inside Washington are usually invisible and also exercise strength from powering the displays “.

The next Testament

The Modern age has been called the Next Testament. Even though the Old as well as the New Testaments emphasised that Facts are Freedom (Veritas vos Liberabit), Modern age Philosophy averrs in which Knowledge on your own is Flexibility. Self Information or Familiarity with the Total Self alone will make you totally free! Global Oneness on your own can save the entire world. Globalists alone brings a planetary transformation rather than those which champion explanation for a Nation or even a Civilisation.

Several prominent globalists are usually Jeremy Rifkin, Grettle Cousins, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, David Denver, George Lucas, Grettle Lear, Alice Bailey, Alvin Toffler, Medical professional. Barbara Ray, Benjamin Creme, Levi Dowling, George Trevelyan, Fritjof Capra, Abraham Maslow, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ruth Montgomery, Shirley MacLaine, L. Z. Knight, Marilyn Ferguson, Jesse Spangler, Nelson Mandela and also Gorbachev.

Marilyn Ferguson inside her publication ‘ The particular Aquarian Conspiracy’ remarks the New Age group Revolution can be a Movement which can be characterised simply by ‘ simply no political doctrines, simply no manifesto’. This is a Movement ‘more general than reform’ and also ‘more profound when compared to a revolution! ‘ The key chararacteristic with the New Aquarian Age will probably be Spiritual Democray. Global integration continues to be achieved via the internet, which accessories the International Village Notion. The Ponder – the net – could be the true Planet Encyclopaedia!

Always the particular teachings with the White Resort (the particular Philosophers) have been opposed from the Black Resort (Theology), who sustain that Person and God are very different. Giadarno Bruno, one of the best philosophers, were required to give his / her life being a price regarding his mystical experiences. He has been burnt being a heretic. Rising to the challenge, Isaac Bonewits designed the Aquarian Manifesto, gives the freedom as well as the liberty to be able to worship the particular God of your respective choice. This kind of Aquarian Manifesto shields psychics and also mystics.

Piscean Significance – Dualism

Pisces will be characterised simply by two These people own in – The particular Eastern Fish as well as the Western Bass. The Asian Fish symbolizes the Positive Part of Man as well as the Western Bass, the Unfavorable Aspect. What this means is the intense conflict among Science and also Theology and also conflicting ideologies : Marxism compared to Mysticism, Existentialism compared to Essentialism and so forth. The reduced energies, for instance greed, jealousy, ego and also ignorance have been expressed through the Piscean Age group and increased energies just like peace, love and also truth will probably be exhibited inside the Aquarian Age group. The World wide web and the net are Aquarian principles. The department of transportation com pushes for Income were Piscean and failed to work. The particular Dot Com devastation, the 9/11 WTC strike – every one of these are indicators it is time for people, as an international community, to evolve with a higher amount of Consciousness and also usher in the New Age group. The main reason for the particular 9/11 devastation was our not enough global unity and separativeness.

International Integration

As this is a syncretic Movements (Syncretism holds that most religions are usually
essentially A single), it’s going to bring out global integration and also Spiritual Democracry. Through the Taurean Age group (4000 BCE), worship with the Golden Calf was common at the center East. Through the Arian Age group (circa 2000 BCE), the Jews indulged in popular ritual compromise of sheep as well as other animals inside the Temple. Through the Picean Age group (160 BC : 2000 EXPERT), many Jews walked far from animal compromise and appreciated Christianity.

The particular Piscean Age group was displayed by Collide and a great us in opposition to them mindset and we all saw several clashes, Cathedral against Express, Science in opposition to Religion, Spirituality in opposition to Materialism, Proper vs. Completely wrong, Evil compared to. Good, and so forth. Many forgot they are spiritual beings creating a human experience because the external planet was focussed

A Paradigm Move to International Order?

Dr Thomas Kuhn inside his publication ‘ Construction of Technological Revolutions” identified a Paradigm (routine) hence “Science is some peaceful interludes, punctuated simply by intellectually thrashing revolutions inches. After these kinds of revolutions, a single conceptual planet view will be replaced simply by another. The newest World See is Monism (Almost all is A single), Holism (The reality is organically A single) and also Pantheism (The particular Universe will be divine and also earth will be sacred). All regressive pondering and unfavorable tendencies will fade and Enlightenment can dawn. The Aquarian Age group will usher in the major Move in mental thinking, as oahu is the Shift of with the Ages! Astrology can regain the pristine wonder and information humanity. People Great Spinning Heavens which usually maketh Providence any virtuous Strength, those grand ones which usually advance us once we have realized or retard us if you have still perform to completed, will become respected because the messengers regarding Universal Can. We must evolve to be able to Divinity and turn into the Improved upon Whole!

The Planet Plan has been doing motion for years and years as a fresh World Buy cannot take place overnight. To make this happen difficult process, guns must removed from your hands regarding private masters, currency must be removed and also replaced that with credit rating, and brains databases throughout the world needs to be coordinated. Many folks are becoming mindful that one thing serious is going on and some sort of Plan to be able to unite international currencies, trade limits and Region States come in the offing. The basic principle of International Economic Interdependence can unite every one of the economies with the world. There is a benign Key Power powering the displays whose aim is always to control every one of the goverments with the world. The progressive World Order consists many components of control : Mind handle, gun handle, IMF, The entire world Bank, FEMA, NOT, Secret Organizations, weather control etc and about and about. Nothing yet absolute handle over almost everything; trade, consumer banking, stock areas, oil, vitality, technology, cyber planet, nuclear ability, etc, could be the New Planet Order.