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Maintaining the Nature on Your Property


Owning property with large patches of woods or a lake is a privilege. Many people have to travel to walk through a forest or watch the sunset over the water. However, some issues may arise if you own property with these features.

Bodies of Water

Having a lake, pond or stream on your property increases its beauty and provides a relaxing place for you to read, fish or simply enjoy being outside. To keep the water clean and healthy, you may need to use some kind of aquatic weed control. Make sure you do not use any fertilizers that could wash into your body of water and promote algae growth or kill native plants and animals. Check with your local government to see if your property is part of a protected watershed and if any additional requirements apply.


The issues that may arise with woodlands on your property depend largely on their size. Smaller woods are easier to manage. If you own a large forest, large animals such as deer may inhabit it and eat the plants in your garden. You may also have problems with hunters if your property is adjacent to an area that allows hunting. Older woods with lots of dry material may be at risk for forest fires. Be cautious if you have a bonfire and make sure to clear the surrounding area.

Meadows and Fields

Meadows are becoming more popular as their environmental importance becomes evident. Once a year, before the growing season begins, you must mow your meadow. Throughout the growing season, keep weeds in check with manual labor. Avoid herbicides, as they may kill the plants that you want to keep. If you are not sure which plants are weeds and which ones belong in your meadow, research the different local invasive species and native plants.

Owning property with a body of water, a forest or a meadow is much more work than simply having a yard. However, the beauty of the natural environment created by these features is more than worth your labor.