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Is Excelsior College Accredited in California?


Excelsior College is consistently ranked highly by authorities who evaluate business and educational opportunities. Forbes, for one, recently listed Excelsior first on their list of “10 Great Colleges For Adults Returning to School.” This is primarily because it’s known for giving students a high level of education and getting graduates out in the workforce. The average graduate from the school is able to snag a job at a starting salary of about $50,000.

Because Excelsior College is in New York, many people want to know if it’s accredited in other states, such as California. The short answer is “yes,” because it’s actually a nationally accredited institution of higher learning. But each degree may have some variations. To understand the specifics, it’s important to know a little more about what accreditation is and how it works.

How accreditation works

The US has many accrediting agencies for colleges, and each one covers its own region. Many people get confused about this, however, because they think being regionally accredited means the institution is only accredited in a certain area. On the contrary, these boards are divided into regions so that each one can more thoroughly examine and oversee the colleges they’ve been assigned. But the programs that are accredited are accredited nationwide. It is just up to each state to set its own standards for licensing in particular fields.

Accrediting agencies ensure that their colleges and universities meet national standards so that their degrees can be recognized in any state. They do this by measuring each one against a set of criteria set forth by peer committees. They usually perform annual visits in which they either give their stamp of approval or make recommendations for change. They also give the colleges objectives and goals that must be met the next year to maintain their accreditation status.

Who accredits Excelsior College?

Excelsior college meets and exceeds the regional accreditation process for educational entities. Their accrediting agency is Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which has stated that they are “extremely impressed” with what they’ve seen there. Furthermore, their academic programs are registered through the New York State Education Department, ensuring that their curriculum is up-to-date and relevant.

Nursing accreditation

The most common questions about Excelsior College come from prospective nursing students. Because the school has an exemplary program with such a high NCLEX passing rate, many would prefer to get their degrees there. ACEN is the agency that accredits the Excelsior College nursing program, and it’s recognized by both the US Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The school also received special designation as a “Center of Excellence in Nursing Education” by the National League for Nursing four years in a row.

For California students, however, there’s good news and bad news. While the state does not technically recognize Excelsior’s nursing program at this time, many of its graduates still find ways to work there. Government facilities, such as Veterans Affairs hospitals and federal prisons, allow nurses licensed in any state to work in their facilities. And California has plenty of those to employ most nurses who would like to work there.

Other special accreditations

In addition to being nationally accredited overall by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, some of Excelsior’s programs have their own specific accreditations as well. The nursing program, as previously mentioned, is accredited by ACEN. In addition, the business programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education. And some of their degrees in engineering and technology are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.