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How To Handle Theft or Vandalism of Your Building


Any business that has had a security event, from theft and vandalism to a threat to employee safety, knows all too well the need to prevent it from happening again. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to ensure the protection of your employees and assets. The following items will help you regain your confidence about the security of your building.

Private Security

After damage to your building or products, it’s often worth the investment to hire a private security company. The sight of a security officer patrolling the area will send a clear message to thieves and vandals. A competent security guard Louisiana should be able to protect your building and provide comfort to employees, as well as identify any weak points in your defenses.

Alarm System

It’s important to have a functioning alarm system, with the ability to contact authorities at the first sign of a breach. Security cameras are necessary as well, particularly those with the ability to backup recordings for several days’ time. Make sure that alarms are in place at all windows and doors, and motion sensors should be used if there are times where no workers are supposed to be in a building.

Clear Lighting

Many business owners are surprised at the effects in security that simple lighting changes can have. A brightly lit building on all sides is a huge deterrent for a would-be burglar. Particularly when combined with a security officer and alarm system, few criminals are brazen enough to walk through a fully lit lot to cause damage. There are several websites that compare security lights, so spend some time researching each and installing them at your worksite.

A security breach can be a traumatic event for a business. It will give you comfort to take preventative steps to keep your assets safe. If you hire a security guard and keep a well-lit alarmed area, you will be taking a big step towards securing the premises.