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Different sources of water damage


If you have an ice dam on your roof, it would not allow the liquefying snow to pass through the drain and the accumulating water can seep into your property and damage the ceilings, walls and other areas. This comes under water damage.

A sump pump removes water and wastes from a space especially from basements and crawlspaces. It is used in houses or businesses of areas where flooding is frequent. But if the sump pump is broken during a rain storm, the water leaks through the basement and begins accumulating in the area and causes water damage.

If the roofing materials are not installed properly and something like a tree falls with a great impact, on the roof during a rain storm etc. then leaking roofs can also become a source of water damage to your property.

In winter, the pipes that are installed in the walls and floors of a building, either commercial or residential, become cold and less expanded than in summer. While water in the pipes expands on cooling and when the water freezes, it expands more. If the pipes do not have insulation, they can burst due to pressure from the expanding ice. This also causes water damage.

Due to any issue in the sewerage system, the waste materials cannot drain reach proper disposal and can accumulate and start discharging inside your property thus causing water damage and bad smell also.

All of these catastrophic events can ruin your home or business and cause you great loss. But you need to act fast and immediately call for damage control and recovery.

These service providers are well equipped and have knowledge and experience in this field. So, they will handle this in a professional manner. Water can cause damage to your electricity, appliances, furniture and carpeting if not controlled in time. Water extraction is done first and then repairing, drying, cleaning up, dehumidifying and deodorizing.

Unsanitary water can ruin the carpeting due to harmful microorganisms and cost you knew one if the matter is not handled by professionals urgently. But if there was padding under the carpet, it would have to be replaced. Drying can be done by wet-vacuuming, opening windows, using dehumidifiers, air blowers or fans.

Mold and mildew grow in damp areas if they are not dried and dehumidified properly. Their spores require only 1 to 2 days to grow and germinate. In this case, decontamination and sanitization is also necessary.

The broken sum pumps and burst pipes need to be replaced and cleaned. The sewage obstruction needs to be eradicated. The leaking roofs need to be repaired and reconstructed if necessary. Ice dams need to be melted and the snow needs to be removed from your roof in order to limit the damage to roof and ceilings.

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