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5 Ideas to Market Your Restaurant for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to fill your restaurant and to attract a whole new demographic of customers too. It’s also the perfect chance to showcase your venue, entice patrons and offer them a mouth-watering, memorable dining experience.


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But marketing yourself properly for this romance-fuelled day is crucial, and these five tips will give you the advantage.

Opt for Online Promotion

The internet is a great place to advertise, and with platforms like Facebook there are plenty of ways of getting your message across. A well-thought-out clever internet-based marketing campaign can attract attention, and if you are technologically savvy you can even offer an online booking system to complement the deal. You can also offer a discount for anyone who books online, or spoil them with a special something extra on the day.

Use Greeting Cards to Advertise

If you want to engage in a marketing exercise with the personal touch, send your customers a card for Valentine’s Day. This can be done via email, especially if you have a database of regular customers. Try not to make the card too marketing oriented, but perhaps offer them a free glass of champagne or free salad from the saladette counter. Just make sure that you have a fully functional counter such as those available at fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-refrigeration-brands/i-l/interlevin/interlevin-esa900-refrigerated-saladette-counter, as you’ll want to make your offer stand out.


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Add a Small Gift to Service

While some people have received some rather disastrous Valentine’s gifts in the past you can ensure that your customers feel special by including a small gift with their booking. Whether it’s a red rose or sexy underwear, it’s up to you to decide what would work best and tie in with your brand image.

Create Your Own Special Offer

If you want to make your restaurant appealing to couples, you need to make them fall in love again – with you! Create a special offer that is just for this romantic day and, if you can, include an aphrodisiac like oysters or decadent chocolate tart as dessert.

Offer a freebie

This doesn’t have to be tacky at all. You could include free wine tasting or a free starter or dessert in your offering. You could also ensure that it adds to the dining experience, making your restaurant an even more alluring choice.