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3 Signs There’s an Issue with Your Well


A private well is a great way to provide your Tampa home with excellent water. It’s an amazing resource that can operate for many years with routine maintenance. Even with proper care, however, issues can still arise. Here are three signs that there’s a problem with your well.

Your Water Sputters

When you turn on a faucet in your home, water should just come out. If you turn on your faucets and are greeted with air followed by sputtering water, something is off. In some cases, sputtering water can indicate that the water table has dropped, which means your pump no longer reaches the water underground. In this case, your pump needs to be lowered. There may be air in the pump or that your pump needs to be serviced.

Your Water Seems Off

Obvious changes in your water’s color, smell, or taste are major indicators that something’s not right with your well. These changes might not be an immediate health risk, but both your water and your well should be checked out immediately. Several different issues can affect the appearance, smell, or taste of your water. Determining the exact issue can help you to make the appropriate repairs to restore your water’s quality.

Your Energy Bill is Increasing

A sudden increase in your electric bill can indicate that your pump is failing. It may be running constantly or cycling more frequently than normal in an attempt to maintain water pressure. You may need a new well pump Tampa FL or you may need to have your existing well pump lowered. Making the necessary fixes can help to restore your energy bills to normal.

Taking care of your well is essential for preventing issues from developing. If you do notice something strange with your water, you should contact a professional as soon as possible.